How to Grow your Instagram Engagement in 2021

With each year that passes by, there are new features and tricks on social platforms that you have to adapt to exploit. You need to be in the know with what’s new and how to redesign and recreate plans on Instagram to improve your audience and boost your reach. There are always new ways and improved strategies to post and new tools that you can exploit to become discoverable and have a recognizable social footprint that will attract new followers every day.

Here are some tips on how to grow your Instagram engagement in 2021.

Create content

The more the content on Instagram, the bigger your social presence. The Instagram algorithm allows you to expand your views if you post consistently.

Use reels

Reels is a new feature on Instagram that allows users to record and share 3-15 sec videos. You can edit 15-sec multiple videos with various new effects and be discovered by the world. You can share your reels via direct message or on your Instagram stories or on the explore page. If you do appear on the explore page, you get discovered even by people who don’t follow you. Reels help users get more followers on Instagram.

Save and share

Instagram engagements including saves are now more important than before. Make sure you post useful content that will remain useful to encourage your audience to save or share that post with their  Instagram friends as well.

Captivating captions

Instagram caption allows up to 2200 characters long, unlike Twitter which only allows 280 characters. 2200 is a huge space to get your audiences’ attention and encourage conversations. You can ask them questions, tell a story, or better still, make a joke.

Share videos

Instagram users do enjoy watching videos with the reel feature, IGTV, and Instagram live. Instagram now has a larger field for users to play around with videos without limitation. The videos don’t necessarily have to be lengthy or costly. Videos do attract a larger audience.

Quality over quantity

Be creative with your posts. Be unique and captivating and share relatable content that aligns with your brand identity.

Perfect timing

Know your audience and understand them better. Know what time users are likely to be active on Instagram. Try to notice what time of the day you get higher engagements.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to engage your audience and gain new followers. Choose hashtags that are relevant to your content and brand identity.

Share your stories

Instagram users do enjoy swiping through Instagram stories. So ensure you share new stories and use the available features on Instagram stories to engage your audience.


Everybody enjoys a good laugh and your followers are not an exception. Memes are easy to share with your audience to get them laughing, engaging, and sharing further with their friends. Brands are now employing the use of humor in their posts by sharing memes and viral topics. This will increase your engagement rate.

Challenges and incentives

This has to be the easiest and more effective way to increase your engagement rate and boosting your reach. Users love a good challenge if they do know there is a value price at the end of it. Get your audience to share to their friends and on their Instagram stories, so they can participate as well.

Have fun

Don’t bore your audience ‘cause you will lose them. Be creative and unique and let yourself have fun with your visual content. Come up with great ideas to lighten the atmosphere and this will definitely increase your engagement rate.