Can I pay someone to grow my Instagram?

Instagram started as a form of entertainment and as a platform to keep in touch with what’s happening in the lives of family and friends. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram gives its users an insider view into the lives of their favorite celebrities. As time went on, Instagram’s popularity grew so much that it became a base for advertising and marketing. Companies and brands started turning to this promising social media platform for advertisement because of the large number of the user base that it has acquired over a short period. As of June 2018, Instagram recorded one billion active monthly users and five million active daily users. 

Consequently, this large fan/user base attracted a large number of businesses to have an Instagram presence. To make things easy, one of the most popular and effective organic Instagram growth services, SimplyGram, curates IG polls, and questions to keep an engaged and active audience. So if you are interested in self-growing your Instagram, then you should visit:


Because of the increase in the demand on Instagram as a platform to create brand awareness and as an unending source for new customers, the competition amongst business accounts has skyrocketed. A lot of small business owners have followed the trend and have decided to make a social media presence – an Instagram presence. 

However, it seems that the tactics to keep up with the ever-changing trend is demanding. Here is where paying someone to grow your Instagram comes into play. If you are asking if you can or should pay someone to grow your Instagram account, then the answer is yes. This article will give you reasons why paying skilled personnel to develop and manage your Instagram is very important. 

Why you should pay someone to grow your Instagram.

If you are one of those Instagram users that upload just one post in three days and one story in a week, then you certainly need professional help to grow your account. 

Before we continue, do you know why it is important to grow your Instagram account? In simple terms, the higher your Instagram audience, the higher your chances are at getting maximum engagement and, in turn, potential customers. In order words, if you have a large number of interested Instagram followers, the higher the stakes that your products will sell – for a business account or the higher the chances that