GUIDE on Survey to Get KFC Go Cup coupon

KFC is more reputable for the non-vegetable and chicken specialty foods. Having more than 20,000 outlets across 123 countries, the company has a far and wide reach. The goal of all organizations is expansion, accelerated growth, and better performance compared to its competitors. KFC, therefore, aims at getting feedback from you, its customer, on their pricing, customer service, suggestions for new products or services, employees/staff response, among other areas you might want to be addressed for a better experience. client feedback survey is performed by KFC to analyze your customer experience. This data will ultimately be used in bettering their services. Honesty and thoughtfulness are required of you in the survey as you provide the answers. Upon submission of your survey answers, you stand a chance of winning numerous gifts and rewards. The prizes won can only be utilized at a KFC outlet. This article explores the requirements of the survey and the steps you’ll follow to stand a chance of winning their coupon. Below is more on the process.

Customer Survey Requirements &  Details

Purchase Required? Yes
Type KFC customer satisfaction survey
Prize KFC Go Cups
Entry Method Online
Entry Limit 1 Code Per Restaurant Visit
Location The United States only
Receipt Valid For 30 Days From Date Of Purchase
Status Available

Survey Rules


  • Must not be a KFC employee.
  • For participation, you need to be a United States citizen. Though the fast-food restaurant has branches around the globe, the survey can only be accessed by individuals in the US.
  • Prize restriction. There is a limit of one prize per household or individual for every term of the survey.


  • You should be conversant with the English or Spanish languages since the questions in the survey are in either English or Spanish.
  • Participants in the survey need to be 18 years of age and above. This is well outlined in the terms and conditions of the majority of the prize and reward programs you will come across.
  • One can only participate in the survey upon invitation to participate by KFC. For the invitation, purchase or order needs to have been made at KFC. The bill or receipt received should be kept safe. It acts as proof of the purchase and also welcomes feedback through
  • A device having an internet connection is required to be available to participate in the survey. Preferably, go for a desktop or laptop. The platform however can still be accessible through tablets and mobile phones.
  • Familiarity with KFC products and services is also required. Not having a clue about the business, products on offer, advertisements, and general policies renders you unable to provide any valuable information in the survey.

How to Participate in the Survey

Once all the eligibility requirements are met and your eligibility for the contest approved, you are required to follow the procedure below. Completion of the survey is easy, though there are many questions you are required to answer. Appropriately completing the survey boosts your odds of winning large prizes and rewards from KFC.
  1. Go to the website,, the official website of the survey.
  2. Choose the language you are most conversant with. As earlier highlighted, only two options are available. English and Spanish.
  3. On the receipt inviting you to the survey, you will also find more details. The details comprise the ticket number, a survey code, and date. All these should be filled in as required on the website.
  4. Once you fill in the details, the survey page is displayed with questions needing thoughtful answers. The questions revolve around KFC and its services.
  5. Provide honest answers to the questions giving as many details as possible from your personal experience. Click on the submit option once you have completed answering the questions.
  6. Following the successful submission of the survey, a coupon is created. On it, is a code that can be written on the receipt at hand and redeemed upon your next KFC visit.
The survey only takes a maximum of 5 minutes of your time.

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About Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC was founded close to 9 decades ago by Colonel Sanders and has been in existence ever since. Following its inception, the founding father’s image features prominently in the company’s adverts and the logo. At the time of inception, the company went by the name Sanders Court and Café. This was later on changed to the present name, KFC. The fast-food restaurant is among the first in America to spread its reach to the international community. The company rose to be the first Western patent opening up a patent in China. In the line of products that KFC specializes in, there are the main products: fried chicken as is in the name, chicken fillet, wraps, sandwiches, salads, side dishes, and so on. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the biggest fast-food restaurant in the world. According to a recent research report, the food outlet has over 22,621 branches spanning around the world. The company is the second-largest (in sales terms) fast-food restaurant specializing in fried chicken following closely behind McDonald’s.


The feedback serves as a go-between you as a customer and the restaurant. Through the survey, you provide an honest assessment of your experience with them. Through the survey, KFC can better understand what the customers want and areas they should improve on.