GUIDE on Survey to Get 25% Off Coupon

Time and tides are known to change and move at an instantaneous rate, and so is the market for goods. Companies and businesses are taking the initiative to proceed with the tides. It is high time that all businesses understand their consumers’ preferences.

Just as all the businesses are joining in on the race to customer satisfaction, so is Michaels retail stores. The main reason is to help understand the needs of customers and the determination to act on them. They have created a website, client feedback survey, for this purpose.

Now, customers can communicate directly to the managing staff. They can air their views and complaints at feedback. After participating in the survey, one can see the answers of other customers at survey answers. There is also a price to be won of a 25% off Coupon to participants. Customer Survey Requirements &  Details

Purchase Required? Yes
Type MichaelsVisit consumer satisfaction survey program
Prize 25% off Coupon
Entry Method Online
Entry Limit One entry per person
Location The United States only
Receipt Valid For 7 days
Status Available Survey Rules


For any systemic organization to function correctly, specific governing rules are needed. For productivity purposes, regulations keep essential functions running smoothly. Michaels stores have a set of rules that help to manage its smooth functionality.

Restriction helps prevent redundancy and irregularity in the information collected. Some of the restrictions include:

  • Employees of the respective Michael stores are not allowed to participate in the survey. The survey is to be able to collect customer’s views and experiences in the most honest way possible.
  • Immediate family members of employees are also not allowed to participate. Authenticity is only gained through honesty.
  • Must be above the age of 18 years.
  • Only one entry is allowed per individual participant. In every area where the store is located, a person can only gain entry to the survey once.
  • Once in the procession of the survey invitation receipt, one must participate within 7 days. Failure to participate within the stipulated time, the receipt will expire.

The prizes won are non-refundable. They can also not be exchanged for cash in return. The only form of reward accepted is through the discount coupon and not cash.


These are the things that will help determine the validity of your participation. For one to participate, they must be able to meet some important requirements. These requirements include:

  • One should be a legal citizen of the United States. Possession of a legal identification card or a relevant visa as proof will grant you access to the survey.
  • It is a requirement that you have a working email address and phone number. These will be used to send relevant communications to you and to contact you concerning the price won.
  • A strong internet connectivity is required to take part in the survey.
  • One has to purchase from the store to gain invitation receipts. There is no other way to gain access to or participate in the survey. These are only found in the relevant stores and are only accessed through purchasing from the store.
  • Be able to speak either French, English, or Spanish. These are the only available languages on the website. No other language is used to ask the questions.

How to Participate in Survey

1. Visit the official website at  This is only done online.

2. In this interface, you will select the language you prefer

3. Fill in the 22 digits in your invitation receipt

www mymichaelsvisit com survey

4. Then click on start to continue to the survey

5. This is where the survey starts

6. Kindly answer the questions with discreteness and with at most honesty

7. Give the ratings and review your experience at the store

8. Answering the questions will not take up most of your time

9. It a simple set of questions with multiples for easy answering, thus saving time

10. In the last form, give the requested information correctly since it is the only way Michaels survey will get in touch with you to ensure you get your prize

11. Click NEXT, this completes the exercise, and you will now receive a 25% discount coupon

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About Michael Stores Inc

Michael Stores Inc. is a huge Arts and Crafts Store located in America. It deals with many different kinds of products and brands. It has an extension of over 1300 stores across the United States. It was first founded in Dallas, Texas, by Michael Dupey, this is where its headquarters are also found.

The company also has a subsidiary Aaron Brothers Custom Framing store-within-a-store. They deal in high-quality art and crafts together with framing offers from their subsidiary company. The company is the largest art retailer in the United States and with most retail outlets.


Taking part in the survey is a sure way to get your views and personal suggestions to be heard. The management is taking a one-way route to ensure that the consumers’ needs are met. The introduction of a rewarding system will ensure that the participants’ efforts are not in vain and therefore encourage more participation.

Customer Service Email:

Contact Number: 1800 642 4235 (USA & Canada), 781-575-3100