How Public Opinion has Moved on Black Lives Matter

Since the death of George Floyd, the support that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement has received is simply undefinable. From celebrities to sports artists, everyone in today’s world has marked themselves as active supporters of the movement by way of expressing themselves on the internet or participating in protests all across the globe. Although the issue erupted in America, the problem is prevalent all around the world. Countries such as France and Germany also experience a great deal of racism.

For this, there have been initiatives taken before, especially in the sports field with the title ‘Say No To Racism.’ However, no campaign has been as successful as Black Lives Matter. According to the New York Times, American voters’ opinion has shifted twice as many times as it did in the past two years on the case of racism. At this web-site you can learn more about the campaign. The shift can be considered a result of such a successful campaign that received many international eyes.

How did Black Lives Matter perform in comparison to other campaigns

In the last decade, American people have stood against and in favor of many different things. Some of them are gun control, gay marriages, the building of the Mexican border, legalization of cannabis Etc. However, these are many different campaigns that deserve substantial attention to people’s betterment in their respect. Not a single one of them has received as much attention as did Black Lives Matter. Statistically, the campaign had the fastest growth out of a dozen other campaigns, which give testimony to how important the campaign is. Hence, it was the best performance any movement had seen in this decade and that too by a long distance.

The reason behind such a successful movement

The day on which the ‘George Floyd’ video got viral where he could be seen fighting for his life under neck-choke by several police officers, the video gained attention globally. The mere horrific sight made it highly distressing for viewers around the globe. Moreover, while to the African-American, this was nothing new, and it brought a whole new perspective to the people across the world. Hence, this was why the case became the number one trend in the world on Twitter. The sheer volume of the people’s opinion was such that the government had to step in. Riots and protests were happening on the daily. Fundraisers were initiated to help the victims of police brutality. Furthermore, the fact that all this happened while the COVID-19 was on the rise globally. This shows that people really connected themselves with the movement on an emotional level.

While today the riots have been watered down, the people’s opinions remain the same. There are many cases that never get reported, which gives us an alarming rate of these cases since the topic of police brutality reported is already on the rise. This has only caused the people to support the movement to develop consensus across the globe.