The History of Iced Tea + How to Make it?

Following health concerns related to soft drinks and other high sugar content drinks, there has been a great outrage amongst the customers forcing them to shift to healthier and safer options. One of the most renowned options to have with a meal or even separately is Iced Tea. Iced Tea has slowly started to become extremely popular. So much so that many new Iced Tea brands have come forward after realizing that there is a relatively big and significant market gap that needs to be filled immediately. Iced Tea is now available in many different flavors to make the drink much more enjoyable and drinkable as well.

The History of Iced Tea


Iced Tea’s origins trace all the way back to the early 1900s in the United States of America. Contrary to popular belief, Iced Tea is very much a truly American beverage. In the year 1904, an American Merchant who goes by the name of Richard Belchynden visited St. Louis for the Annual World’s Fair ‘1904. There he is known to have first invented the Iced Tea. Initially, he was sampling different flavored teas and selling hot Tea at his regular fair booth. However, due to the harsh weather, he decided to alter his strategy and offer his customers something cool and light. So, he added ice to the steeped tea, and immediately he liked the new drink. It was during this experimentation phase that a new drink came into being. Iced Tea was thus born as an accident. Ever since its birth, the drink gained significant popularity, and soon enough, different brands started to try out other recipes for the beverage. In compliance with customer demands, many brands even tried to experiment further by trying out different fruit flavors of Iced Tea, some of which worked perfectly well.

Iced Tea and Today’s Flavors

Today, there are endless options when it comes to Iced Tea. Apart from different flavored Iced Teas, there are various ways to prepare the drink as well. Some of the more popular flavors of Iced Tea include Lemon, Peach, Strawberry, Apple, and Grape Iced Tea, etc.

How to Make Iced Tea?

In order to make a delicious and cold glass of Iced Tea, it is important to note and execute the following steps to absolute perfection.

Firstly, combine 8 cups of cold iced water and to this, add around 6-7 tablespoons of loose tea powder. If this is not available, you can always opt for 10 tea bags in a pitcher. Cover the pitcher with a tight lid and refrigerate the drink for at least one day. The longer the drink is refrigerated, the better it will turn out to be. The final step is to strain the Tea with a normal sieve or in the case of tea bags, remove them when you feel necessary. As a garnish, you have the option of adding blackberries, lemon zest, cinnamon sticks, lavender, vanilla beans, or even mint as per your own liking.