iHop Guest Satisfaction Survey

Being a super-sized company is all about being able to give your customers and clients the proper service that they require. International House of Pancakes (iHop) has realized that and has been using an online portal to serve their large customer base. Talk To iHop survey is the official website and portal of the iHop restaurant that customers use to praise and give shortcomings of the products and service. For the more old-fashioned customers, there is also a customer care number for more direct contact.

While a Talk To iHop managers or supervisor might give you a more personal touch, it might be quite the challenge, considering the company has several chains across the globe. Several are quite the understatement since iHop has close to 2,000 restaurants worldwide. Make use of the online satisfaction survey that will give iHop a chance to serve you better next time you come calling for a stack of pancakes.

How about some history?

iHop stands for International House of Pancakes and was founded by three gentlemen (Albert Kallis, Jerry Lapin, and Al Lapin Jr.) in 1958. Its headquarters are in Glendale, California and it boasts several branches. Go to a major city abroad and you would probably find an iHop outlet around the corner. That’s a testimony of the quality of the food and customer service offered by the restaurant.

iHop Guest Satisfaction Survey

Being such a renowned restaurant, getting your customers’ feedback on the quality of food and service is a crucial element for the business. After all, the client is king and queen. It’s from their satisfaction with iHop products that they will come again and again. For a busy restaurant, iHop seeks such information through the use of an official survey website.

For those who might be having an issue with filling in the survey, we have below the complete process to complete the iHop Guest Satisfaction Survey. Follow the easy step-by-step procedure, and possibly you might get a free coupon for some tasty and savory pancakes.

  •       Click or type in www.talktoihop.com to your browser. It will give you access to iHop’s official website.
  •       Next, you will have to enter the survey code from your purchase receipt. Information also needed from your receipt is the Visit Time and the Server ID. To make it much easier, the Server ID is typically a seven-digit (maximum) number on the top part of the receipt.
  •       After completing the information, press on the “Start” button which is located at the bottom of your screen.
  •       You will be prompted to offer your genuine feedback on the quality of service and also the food.
  •       Submission of your survey will lead to you receiving a code. That is your coupon code. Write down your coupon code, preferably on your purchase receipt. Next time you make your way to an iHop outlet, remember to collect your reward.