Top Recommendation Popping Boba Pearls 2020

If you’ve spent any considerate time in a café shop or you consider yourself a small connoisseur when it comes to all things sugary, frozen yogurt is your to-go-to. The delicious and rich flavors together with the variety it offers you are simply to die for. But what sets frozen yogurt apart from its substitutes in the industry is the option of adding unique toppings to it. And when it comes to toppings is there a competitor to popping boba pearls. The multi-colored jellies come in different colors and flavors, taking your frozen yogurt to the next level with every bite. And it’s not only about frozen yogurt. Rumor has it that boba pearls are a wonderful addition to boba tea which has been around for much longer than frozen yogurt.

When you visit the ice cream shop, we know you always have a selection problem. All that you know is that you want to add a different dimension to your yogurt by adding some popping boba pearls. Well, we seek to bring the discussion to a close with this article.

Bursting Boba

Depending on your location or who you inquire from, bursting boba has a number of names. It is also known as popping pearls or popping boba. It is the most common variety both in frozen yogurt and tea shops. When you bit into the popping boba pearls, you will notice their chewy but very pleasant exterior. The addition of some more pressure leads to a flurry of sensation in your mouth and hence the bursting or popping reference.

Bursting Boba comes in a variety of flavors and colors. The flavors are contained within a flavored juice which offers your palate different tastes. With bursting boba you can enjoy a range of tastes: passion fruit, mango, peach, pomegranate, blueberry, orange, strawberry, cherry, and lemon among others.

Crystal Boba

Among the popping boba variety, crystal boba is among the rarer types. From its name, you can tell its appearance. Known also as agar boba or white pearl boba, the pearls come in a whitish, almost clear shape.

Like its cousin the popping Boba, the crystal boba also has a chewy texture. However, it is not as viscous or as sweet. What makes crystal boba unique is its ability to be blended with other flavors. You can soak this type of boba in a solution of your liking for some ten minutes and wait to see the customized product you will have created.

Tapioca Balls

This type of boba pearls is made from the cassava root, native to South America, hence its name. The Tapioca balls are made from the leaves of the cassava root, which are processed to form the pearls. But don’t let anyone fool you with regards to their taste. The pearls are normally sweetened in honey or sugar, which completely hides the original taste.