Guide on Survey to Get One of Ten Gift Cards from Stop & Shop Worth $500

Stop & Shop is carrying out a customer satisfaction survey for you as a customer with the desire of knowing your experience. client feedback survey enables every guest at Stop and Shop to share his/her personal experience after the visit.

Through participation in this customer satisfaction survey, you get the opportunity of getting your voice heard. You can raise suggestions, complaints, reviews, and also suggest ideas. Together, all these can help in the growth of the company.

Once you complete the customer satisfaction survey, you stand the chance of being the lucky winner of one of ten gift cards from Stop & Shop worth $500. Below, you are provided with all that you need to know to be that lucky winner. We will look at the rewards of the Talk to Stop and Shop Survey, and get a detailed step by step guide to participating in the survey.

In the Stop & Shop customer satisfaction survey, all you have to do is provide survey answers to some questions based on your recent visit to Stop & Shop. Your response to these questions is highly valued by the organization. For this reason, the company will reward your contribution to the survey.

Shop as you normally do at the Stop & Shop outlet near you and pay for the purchase. Collect the receipt following payment and check to see the unique code for the survey located at the bottom of the receipt. Customer Survey Requirements & Details

Purchase Required Yes
Type Customer survey
Prize One of Ten Gift Cards from Stop & Shop Worth $500
Entry method Online
Entry Limit  5 entries for each person
Location Connecticut, Downstate New York, New England, and New Jersey
Receipt Valid for Five days
Status Active Survey Rules

You already have a rough idea of how simple participating in feedback survey and being the winner of $500 is. Now, let us take a look at the key requirements for one to participate in the survey. Though it is highly unlikely you are ineligible to get into the sweepstakes, you must be sure about your eligibility.


  • You cannot be granted the opportunity to participate in the survey if you are below 18 years of age.
  • The validity of the survey entry pin found on your receipt is only 5 days since the day the purchase was made.
  • If you live outside the states of CT, NY, MA, RI, or NJ, you are not eligible to take part in the sweepstakes. The survey is designed for residents of these states exclusively.
  • Without making a recent purchase from Stop & Shop, you will not have access to log into the survey. You can only send your feedback to Stop & Shop via normal mail.
  • Exchanging or selling the prize to any other person is not allowed. This is deemed illegal.
  • People working with or for Stop & Shop such as associates, employees, and marketers are restricted from participating in the survey. Direct family members of these individuals are also restricted from participation.


  • You must have made a purchase recently from any of the Stop & Shop outlets. Only through this will you obtain the distinct survey entry pin found on the purchase receipt. Without the code, participation is impossible.
  • A smartphone, computer, PC, or any other device that can access the internet is required. A stable and strong internet connection is also necessary.

How to Participate in the Survey

The dashboard of the website is simple with the interface giving you written instructions on the homepage. Answering the questions is easy and only requires your honesty from personal experience. You are required to select one option as the answer, from the multiple choices already provided. survey answers are highly regarded by the management team of Stop & Shop.

1. Go to

2. Select the language you would like to take the survey in.


3. Key in the 20-digit PIN located on your receipt. guest survey

4. Click the “Next” option.

5. Begin answering questions on your experience shopping at Stop & Shop.

6. Give a rating of your overall satisfaction with the experience on your last visit to Stop & Shop.

7. Rate your general satisfaction with products, services, and employees of Stop & Shop.

8. Try going through every survey question as much as possible. This boosts your chances of being the winner.

9. Provide personal contact information to enter the Stop & Shop sweepstakes.

10. Submit a feedback for your chance of winning one of the ten Stop & Shop gift cards worth $500.

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About Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop is a Supermarket Organization. It is a supermarket chain that is found in the north-eastern side of the United States.

The company was started in 1892 as a small grocery store. It was founded by Jeanie and Solomon Rabinovitz though they had to close it in 1908 as a result of financial struggles. After six years, the Rabinovitz family restarted the shop from the bottom. It was now named Economy Grocery Stores Company.

1914 was the official year Stop and Shop were founded. It took the store 32 more years, and 86 more stores for it to change the name of the brand to Stop & Shop. It then rose to have the present network of 414 stores.

It sells a variety of products ranging from the florist, bakery goods, dairy, meats, general merchandise, seafood, grocery, and gasoline. Ahold Delhaize, who is a supermarket operator from the Netherlands, is the present Stop & Shop owner. He has been the owner since the year 1995.


You now have the opportunity of saving grocery money at the Stop & Shop supermarket chain. This is through taking some minutes to complete the client feedback survey. Through the survey, you have the opportunity of getting your voice heard.

You can raise your suggestions, complaints, opinions, thoughts, and reviews on the staff, products, and services of Stop & Shop. Your honest feedback helps the company serve you better. You also stand a chance of being a winner of gift cards worth $500 from the store through participation in the sweepstakes.

Customer Service Email: TalktoStopandShopSurveySupport@tns-online.comContact Number: 1-800-767-7772